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Project Description

Dynamics AX 2012 Development toolset (DT) is an enhanced compilation of various tools and tweaks. Below you can find a list of the original tools used with detailed description. DT contains multiple tweaks for most standard development tools available in AX. It is designed to be used in both standalone and shared development environments allowing personalised setup for each developer and giving additional control for DEV_Admin user.


The purpose of DT is to provide a better development experience in a Microsoft Dynamics AX single or shared environment with a minimum code changes and maximum flexibility. The groups of users who would benefit the most from the DT are those having development access. However other users also might benefit from DT in the day-to-day job.


Expect compatibility with all AX 2012 releases.

Installation requirements

To fully install DT a write access for AOS and Client folders required.
You can either deploy dll files from the resources nodes or compile new one from C Sharp projects.


1. For AX 2012 R2 the model file is available for cus layer. Use AXUtil.exe or AX 2012 Management shell to install. Otherwise apply xpo file. Be careful when importing system classes ApplicationInfo and SysSetupFormRun. Import those after all other objects are imported and all conflicts resolved.

2. Deploy dll files. Those are not critical part of the installation but will be used by Editor and Editor HK. Either deploy prebuild from the resources or manually deploy each C Sharp Project.

To deploy dll files from the resources: 
- For Editor extensions click Form 'Development toolset parameters' > Action pane 'General' > Group 'Editor' > Button 'Extensions' you will be prompted to deploy missing files. Or manually export all DEV_EditorExtensions_* resources to "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Client\Bin\EditorComponents\".
- For DEV_WindowsInput.dll open \Resources\DEV_WindowsInput and export file to "%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Dynamics AX\60\Server\%AXSERVER%\Bin\VSAssemblies\".

To deploy C Sharp Projects: 
Navigate to Visual Studio Projects\C Sharp Projects\ select edit and deploy each DEV_* project. 

3. Restart AOS and compile private project DEV_Toolset.

Initial configuration

Some configuration options like environment name are controlled by DEV_Admin user which needs to be defined in macros. Some other options can be setup to be controlled by and DEV_Admin user.

Open macros DEV_Toolset and define DEV_AdminUser for your environment by setting UserID. The default value is “Admin”.

Finish configuration by opening DT parameters form by pressing F10 in the Development workspace and setting required options. Project prefix parameter is used when “Create new project” form and Project management form are used.


Form Digger and HK Framework

by Evgeny Arlionak

Development toolbar

by Max Belugin

Create project and Editor scripts

by Ivan Kashperuk

Table browser extended

by Ruslan Goncharov

Editor extensions

by J. A. Estevan

Ideas and code

by AXforum members

Development tools   

by axaptapedia


DT Parameters. Default HK "F10" when in Development workspace


Hotkey framework with default setup


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 X++ Editor Extensions Added options


Table browser



 Form's hotkeys:

  • F2 toggles grid filtering.
  • F3 toggles filtering by type.
  • F4 toggles filtering by mandatory property.
  • F6 toggles between name and label display.
  • F8 clear filters.

Compare form


Import form

Export form

Find form

 Form's hotkeys:


  • F2 toggles search option.
  • F3 toggles Match case option.
  • F4 toggles Match word option.
  • F5 start the search.
  • F6 clear search criteria.
  • F8 toggles Source code option.
  • F9 sets the breakpoint for the selected lines. 


Autostart form. Autostart projects, forms, classes, menu items etc.

Projects form

Development toolbar. Open from menu Tools > Development toolbar

Maintenance job

Form Digger Info example. Default HK "ALT + 1" on required form control


Form Digger Form example. Default HK "ALT + 2" on any form control

Used by form

Element reference form

Jump by reference. Default HK "INSERT" on the AOT object


Known issues

1. Compilation error in VS 2010 "The OutputPath property is not set for project 'DEV_WindowsInput.csproj'"

  • This is causing no issue

2. Controls are not redrawing on the Development Toolbar after Security test workspace has been opened

  • Workaround: Toolbar restart

3. Editor "code format functionality" not working properly

  • Require fix

4. No custom labels created for this project. It is either using system labels whenever possible or using a hard-coded English text.

  • No planned changes on this at the moment.

Planned changes

1. Fix known issue where possible.

2. Improve AOT jump by reference with new form.

3. Add new feature in Find utility: search in within results

4. Display hidden fields values in Table browser.

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